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Publishers and Authors- Please Contact Me if there is a Bible or a book you would like to send to me to do an unbiased review, I would be more than happy to work with you.
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– Rose Publishing’s “Miracles of Jesus – DVD Bible Study”
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– B&H Academic’s “Annointed Expository Preaching”
– IVP’s “Telling God’s Story”
– B&H Academic’s “Engaging Exposition”
– Zondervan’s “NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible”
– much more in the works!

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Holman HCSB Notetaking Bible Review – Rating: 8.3

HCSB Notetaking BibleI know that right now notetaking Bibles and especially the process of “journaling” is kind of the new rage in reading through and studying your Bible.  With that said, as of right now, journaling (doing decorative art and text in the margins and over the top of Scripture) is not really my thing personally.  If people do it with the correct motive – not doing it just for making impressive art, but rather to help them study and learn the Word of God – then I am all for it.  I have been known to write Continue reading

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12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching book review – rating 8.9

12 Essential Skills for Great PreachingI was very curious to get my hands on a copy of the “12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching – Second Edition” book by B&H Academic to do a review on it.  This book is a good read if you are someone who is interested in the mechanics of writing an expository sermon that you are going to be speaking to a group of people.  It is full of great Continue reading

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Moody Publishers’ The Pursuit of God book review – Rating 9.4

A.W. Tozer The Pursuit of GodI like to read the “classics” when it comes to Christian literature.  You may have seen my review of the “Knowing God” classic by J.I. Packer.   A.W. Tozer is another one of my favorite authors for multiple reasons.  I appreciate his background and then comes his writing style.  He writes in a way that just seems to pierce Continue reading

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A little behind…..

My sincere apologies to my readers and also to the publishers that I have been working with.  The last month and a half have been very challenging for me .  It started off with a bunch of travel for work and got tied up to where I was having trouble getting my reading done.  Then without much warning it went into 4 weeks of me being sick.  To the point where it was everything I could do to even physically pick up a book let alone read anything.

I am finally starting to feel better now and will get back on track very shortly as I have quite a stack of books to work on.  I have two that I have finished and am working on the reviews, but I have quite a few more that I still need to read and write the reviews.  I will be diligently working over the next few weeks trying to get caught up as fast as possible, but as most of you know, my reviews are pretty detailed so it does take me a quite awhile to evaluate and write the review.

Again, my apologies, and a promise that I will be back on track very soon.  God bless!

– michael

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Holman Reference’s Christ-Centered Exposition Philippians Commentary Review – Rating 9.6

Christ Centered Exposition Exalting Jesus in Philippians

Christ Centered Exposition Exalting Jesus in Philippians

I requested a copy of “Christ-Centered Exposition: Exalting Jesus In Philippians” so I could do a review on it. This book is just one of the many commentaries in the “Christ-Centered Exposition” series by Holman Reference (B&H Publishing).  The series is not completely finished quite yet, but authors already doing work and those planned for future books are very solid writers such as Francis Chan, Tony Merida, Matt Chandler, and Continue reading

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