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– Tyndale’s “The End Times Survival Guide
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– Hendrickson’s “Expository Dictionary of Bible Words
– Crossway’s “ESV Story of Redemption Bible
– Baker Books’ “Basics for Believers
– Baker Books’ “Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World
– Thomas Nelson’s “Jesus Always” Devotional
…and still more in the works!

I have found in my years of reviewing that 99% of the time, the cheapest and best place to purchase Bibles, books, and other items is from  They consistently beat even Amazon from the many things I have reviewed.

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Worthy Publishing’s Jerry B. Jenkins’ Dead Sea Rising novel review – Rating 9.8

Worthy Publishing's Dead Sea Rising by Jerry B. JenkinsI was contacted by Worthy Publishing as they were preparing to launch a brand new book by Jerry B. Jenkins.  In fact, this one book is the start of what could end up being a 6 or 7 book series entitled “The Dead Sea Chronicles“.   As most of my readers know, I don’t read too many novels for my reviews, but yet again, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to read a Jerry Jenkins novel. He is a fantastic author and you may know him from the bestseller Left Behind series that he co-authored with Tim LaHaye.

If you would like a very Continue reading

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James Bruyn’s 31 Days with God at Work devotional review – Rating 8.2

James Bruyn's 31 Days with God at Work DevotionalI received a request from James Bruyn to do a review of his new devotional “31 Days with God at Work“.  More often than not, I do reviews of Bibles, Study Bibles, and Bible Reference materials, but I Continue reading

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B&H Academic’s New Guidebook for Pastors book review – rating 8.5

B&H Academic's The New Guidebook for Pastors by James W. Bryant and Mac BrunsonI requested a copy of the book “The New Guidebook for Pastors” by James W. Bryant and Mac Brunson because I was interested to see what kind of advice this book may have in it for newer pastors and even for more experienced pastors.

I received Continue reading

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NavPress’ Keep Christianity Weird Book Review – Rating: 9.5

NavPress' Keep Christianity Weird by Michael Frost

When I saw the title of this book, which is “Keep Christianity Weird: Embracing the Discipline of Being Different, it piqued my interest and made me want to look a little more into it.  I have to admit that often, I will look at the book on an online retailer first because sometimes you can read a few pages there to get an idea if it’s something you really are interested in or not. I did that with this book and I was still very intrigued, so, I decided to request a review copy from the publisher.

This book is very challenging and is designed to get you to think outside of your normal viewpoint that you might have as a Christian.

Continue reading

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Thomas Nelson’s 30 Days to Understanding the Bible review – Rating: 8.7

Thomas Nelson's 30 Days to Understanding the Bible_I was asked to be part of a book launch for Max Anders’ new book which is the 30th anniversary expanded edition of “30 Days to Understanding the Bible”.  This book is written very well in sort of a study-type approach with lessons and questions and/or quizzes with some level of repeated exercises to drive home the learning topics.

If I were to categorize this book, I would say it is kind of a Bible guidebook that doesn’t go deep into topics, but rather gives an excellent Continue reading

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