Holman Cowhide Version KJV Minister’s Bible Review – Rating: 9.2

If you read any of my other Bible reviews, you may recall that I really like Bibles that are leather bound.  This one is no exception.  This one would make a wonderful Bible for yourself or your Pastor or elder or anyone that really likes a very good quality KJV Bible that is not a study bible.  As a reminder, the second Sunday in October (10/11/2015) is Pastor Appreciation Day.  This Bible could make a very nice gift for your church leader(s).


In full disclosure, I was not required or requested by B&H Publishing to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_03/16cfr255_03.html> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”



QUICK SUMMARY: 9.2 out of 10

**See all sections below for full detailed review**

Unboxing this was a very pleasant experience.  Nice presentation and then you get that unmistakable smell of the cowhide.  Love it!  If you are looking for a very usable and good quality text (not Study) Bible and you want the KJV, then this one will not disappoint you.  The additional articles do have a Baptist point of view to them.  It’s a little on the more pricey side for this cowhide version, but you are paying for a very good quality Bible with this one.  Plus it has a lifetime guarantee from Holman (B&H Publishing).  It would make a wonderful gift for yourself, your pastor, an elder or anyone for that matter.  Very highly recommended.  The only downside I can say would be the paper quality could have been better as there is some bleedthrough from the back side of the pages.  If you don’t want to spend quite this much on a quality Bible, they do have a version that is LeatherLike which is less expensive.



Type of Bible:  Text Bible
Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers (2010)
ISBN-13 of Bible Reviewed: 978-1-5864-0930-2
Price: At the time of writing this review, the cheapest place to get this book is at Christianbook.com.  They have it for $91.99– suggested retail from the publisher is $199.99. Please note that these prices do not include any potential shipping charges.

If you would like to purchase this book, please support my blog and purchase by clicking any of the links to Christianbook.com on this page like the one below. If you want it in a different format, Click Here for those links listed below in this review.
409301: KJV Minister&amp;quot;s Bible, Black Calfskin KJV Minister’s Bible, Black Calfskin
By Holman Bible PublishersThis newly designed and gift-boxed edition of the KJV Minister’s Bible is ideal for pulpit use with its large type, wide margins, and extensive ancillary notes from many of today’s top preachers and church leadership voices. The perfect presentation item for a variety of special occasions including Pastor Appreciation Month (October).Features

  • Concordance
  • Table of Weights and Measures
  • Eight 4-color maps
  • Articles &amp; resources for Ministers
    • “8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders” by Thom S. Rainer
    • “21 Essentials of Authentic Ministry” by James T. Draper
    • “Four Kinds of Expositional Preaching” by Ed Stetzer
    • “30 Keys to Giving an Invitation” by O. S. Hawkins
    • “Leading a Child to Christ” by Bill Emeott
    • “Reaching Students with the Gospel” by Lynn H. Pryor
    • “The Importance of Baptism and Communion” by Rick White
    • Where to Turn When . . .
    • Plan of Salvation
    • Various wedding and funeral outlines by Jim Henry
    • Initial grief counseling
    • Funeral preparation
    • Commitment Counseling
    • The Apostles and Their History
    • The Christian Year and Church Calendar
  • Publisher’s Lifetime guarantee
  • Double column format, Wide Margin
  • One inch outside margins for taking notes
  • Presentation page
  • Gold page edges
  • Two ribbon markers
  • Soft, high-quality genuine top-grain cowhide leather
  • Two-piece gift box
  • Larger 11-point text size, ideal for public reading
  • 9.75″ X 6.50″ X 1.25″

Printing Location: China
Bible Version: KJV
Physical Characteristics:

  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Smyth sewn
  • 2 ribbon markers (black and wine)
  • 2 column Bible text
  • Pretty good margins for note taking – 3/4″ on top, 1″ on the face (outside edge) and 1″ on bottom
  • Words of Christ are in black
  • Cross-references are right justified at the end of the verse rather than in any margins (see the Scripture Text Pages section for more details)
  • Self-pronouncing text (proper names spelled out with pronunciation marks like a dictionary)
  • 1,608 pages (not including Pre-Scripture Text Pages and final full-color maps at the end)
  • Type size is a very readable 12 point – easy on the eyes
  • Dimensions: 6 9/19” wide (outside spine to cover edge – cover hangs past pages by about 1/8″) x 9 3/4″ high (top edge of cover to bottom edge of cover – cover hangs over top and bottom of pages by 1/4″ each) x 1 3/8” thick (including cover thickness)
  • Approximate weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Lifetime guarantee from B&H Publishing – If you have a problem with this Bible, then you would need to go to your retailer and the retailer will work with B& Publishing to get a replacement for you.  NOTE: It’s not listed on their website, here is the information I received from the publisher regarding their lifetime guarantee:

(The message is directed toward retailers as a customer would go to the retailer to return the Bible):

To last a lifetime, if any Holman bonded or genuine leather Bible is defective or falls apart, Holman will replace it with a comparable Bible free of charge. [Retailer}, simply provide your customer with a replacement Bible, return the defective Bible to Holman, and we will send you a replacement copy for your stock.  Our key accounts care team and our telephone sales reps work with retailers on these kinds of issues.


Unboxing (special section):

Unboxing this particular Bible was a nice surprise.  Granted it isn’t boxed in a velvet lined wooden box or anything that extravagant. lol   However, the box it comes in is very nice looking and then the Bible itself is placed inside two slipcovers of black presentation paper – kind of like a black construction paper, but a nicer quality.  One slipcover goes around the Bible top to bottom and the other one goes around the Bible spine to face.

Nice presentation box
Sliding off one of the slipcovers that protect
the Bible.
Removing the last slipcover from the Bible.
Holman Cowhide KJV Minister’s Bible
completely unboxed.



Pre-Scripture Text Pages

  • Presentation Page
    • This is a pretty typical presentation page with the “Presented To”, “By” and “Date” sections to write in.  It looks nice and clean, but is not ornate or decorative in my opinion.
  • Table of Contents
    • The Table of Contents is broken into three sections.  The first one shows Old Testament books, the New Testament books, then Additional Material.  The OT and NT books are listed in canonical order.
  • Bible Study Helps
    • This section shows how to use this Bible with some of the study tools that were utilized in this Bible.  It covers the following 3 tools:
      • Messianic Prophecies & Their Fulfillment
      • Alternate Translations
      • Paragraphs
    • NOTE: See the Scripture Text Pages to see more details on these items and how they work
  • Why Read the King James Version by Calvin Miller
  • God’s Plan for Salvation
    • with a toll-free number to call the Evangelism Response Center to talk to someone about Jesus (888-537-8720)

Scripture Text Pages

  • Cross References
    • They did this in a very interesting manner.  I believe in an effort to provide more note-taking space in the margins, the cross-references are actually listed following the specific verse and are placed in the actual text column in a slightly smaller (10 point I think) font.  I have not seen this done like this before in my Bibles as most of them have the cross-references somewhere in the margins – or on a 2 column text Bible like this one, they are often put between the two columns.  That cannot be done with this Bible as the margin between the two text columns is only about 1/8″.  I will say that it did take me a second to realize this Bible does have cross-references.  It would have been better to let the readers the manner of using their cross-reference feature on the “Bible Study Helps” page since there is plenty of room available there.
Example cross-references that I highlighted in yellow
  •  Alternate Translations
    • The alternate translations are covered very similarly to the Cross References as far as placement and font size.  They are indicated by a “T” superscript prior to the word or phrase that has the alternate translation.  Again, I think this may have been done to save some margin space for note taking as typically, these types of notes/comments are usually put into the bottom margin area.
Alternate translation example
  •  Layout
    • Font size is 12 point – capital letters are about 1/8″ tall, so it is very pleasing to the eye.
    • 2 column text for Scripture text
Example pages show 2 column layout throughout this Bible
    •  This Bible is not done in paragraph form (which is the form that I personally prefer the most), however, what they did was to mark the beginning where paragraphs typically start by changing the verse number to a bold font.  I’m not 100% sure if this is helpful as paragraphs are typically done to help the reader in ease of readability.  Obviously, the original Scriptures didn’t have paragraphs (or punctuation for that matter) as that was not typically how Hebrew and Greek were written.
Paragraphs in Scripture are “implied” by bold verse number
  •  Messianic Prophecies & Their Fulfillment
    • I feel that this feature is nice, however, I do feel that they didn’t quite carry this out to its full potential.  It is nice to see where the prophecies and fulfillments are, however, to complete this, I feel it would be nice to have a reference to show what scripture(s) are related between the OT and NT for each prophecy and fulfillment.  For example, you can see how they did this feature for the prophecy given about not breaking the bones of the lamb and Jesus’ fulfillment as the sacrificial Lamb for our sins (Numbers 9:12 compared to John 20:36).  Nothing in this Bible links them together other than the star markings which is why I felt they could have possibly gone the extra step to link the two in some manner – even if it was to add pages in the back like a look-up table if they didn’t want to do it inline with the text like the cross-references were done.
Numbers 9:12


John 20:36


Post-Scripture Text Pages

  • Harmonies of the Gospels
    • The four subsections in this six-page section use the same format and style.
    • A Harmony of the Life of Christ
      • This section is the typical “Harmony of the Gospels”, but is done in a very clean and simplistic format.  Nothing fancy – just nuts and bolts of the Scripture references.
Example of how Holman did Harmony of the Gospels
    •  Appearances After the Resurrection
      • Similar to the layout and style of the Harmony of the Life of Christ, this provides His appearances after His resurrection as they are accounted for across the four Gospels.
    • Miracles of Our Lord
      • Again, following the same format, this section covers where the different miracles of Jesus are covered across the four Gospels.
    • Parables of Our Lord
      • Following the same format, this covers the different parables of Jesus across the four Gospels.
  • Tables of Weights and Measures
    • This two-page section covers weights, length, dry measure and liquid measure.  it gives what the Biblical Unit is, the Language, the Biblical Measure, the U.S. Equivalent, the Metric Equivalent and also Various Translations.
  • Pastoral Care
    • This two-page section would be of good help to any pastor, church leader, or any Christian who wants to know what Scriptures to turn to when different things in life affect you or others.  Just as a couple examples, Where to Turn…
      • When you are tired
      • When you feel confused
      • When you’re feeling bitter
      • and many, many more
  • Eight Traits of Effective Church Leaders by Thom S. Rainer
    • This two-page section gives eight different traits of what the author feels are effective church leaders.  I’m not quite sure that it can be put into a formula, and even the author comments on that very thing in this article, but nonetheless, it is very interesting to read and has some very good points.
  • 21 Essentials of Authentic Ministry by James T. Draper
    • Similar to the previous section, I’m not sure that you can really distill down what classifies as “authentic ministry” into a two page summary of 21 points.  With that said, the points in here are good and well intended. I would have just liked to have seen Scriptural references for more than just one of the points.  Still, it is a good read and they are all very valid points.
  • A Classical Wedding Ceremony by Jim Henry
    • This section gives three pages of a classical wedding ceremony that is spoken in the same verbiage as the King James Version Bible.  Very classical feel to it and could be handy for pastors/leaders who want to follow a classical style
  • A Contemporary Wedding Ceremony by Jim Henry
    • Very similar to the Classical ceremony from the previous pages, this five-page section goes into more of the modern styles by adding songs, the lighting of the unity candle and more.
  • Funeral Preparation (When the Death Bell Rings) by Jim Henry
    • I see this three-page section as very beneficial for a pastor or church leader that has to minister to someone that has lost a loved one.  It covers some wonderful tips and ideas regarding the following points:
      • What to Do on Receiving Notification of Death
      • What to Do When Visiting in the Home
      • What to Do When Scheduling the Service
      • What to Do During the Funeral Home Visit
      • What to Do During the Service
      • What to Do When Concluding the Service
      • What to Do at the Graveside
Example page of the Funeral Preparation article
  •  Funeral Sermon (The Teacher Called Death) by Jim Henry
    • This is a sermon that could be spoken at a funeral I guess, but I am of the opinion that funeral sermons shouldn’t be cookie cutter messages (same one over and over).  With that said, if you use this as just an example, then this would serve fine. I’m not implying that this message isn’t good, however.
  • Funeral for a Child (I’ll Hold You Again in Heaven) by Jim Henry
    • If you didn’t catch my feelings from the previous section, let me reiterate them again – every situation is different as is every person.  This is a good message to use for ideas and possible inspiration, but more of an example in my opinion.
  • Funeral for a Student (The Life That Conquers) by Jim Henry
    • I like how this one is done a little better as it gives in the first two paragraphs some practical advice on how to work with the family to bring comfort, hope, and a salvation message.  I would have liked to see something similar in the other two funeral messages, although this portion could be easily applied to all three for the most part.
  • Funeral for a Suicide Victim (The Windstorms of Life) by Jim Henry
    • Talk about possibly the hardest funeral to cover.  I’m not sure I want to get into a debate or discussion of whether or not someone who commits suicide can go to heaven or not.  That’s not what my blog is for.  This article is well written despite the heart wrenching and difficult topic that is covered.
  • Four Kinds of Expositional Preaching by Ed Stetzer
    • This section gives some nice overviews of four different kinds of expositional (proclaim the meaning and apply it) preaching.  It does a nice job giving a high-level overview of the following types:
      • Verse-by-Verse Preaching
      • Thematic Expository (or Doctrinal) Preaching
      • Narrative Expository Preaching
      • Topical Expository Preaching
  • 30 Keys to Giving an Invitation by O.S. Hawkins
    • There are many differing opinions on what is appropriate and not when it comes to giving an invitation for Salvation.  If it’s too emotional, will it last? If you don’t make it emotional enough, people may not respond. and many others.  This article gives some good points when it comes to invitations and giving them in a public setting.
Example shot showing Giving Invitation section
  •  Commitment Counseling
    • This eight-page section gives some very good Scripture references regarding multiple points of commitment.  It covers the following topics in some pretty good depth:
      • Salvation
      • Baptism
      • Church Membership
      • Assurance of Salvation
      • Rededication to Grow Toward Spiritual Maturity
      • Commitment to Vocational Christian Ministry
    • Each of these sections has sub-points that cover God’s Purpose, Our Need, God’s Provision, Our Response and My Commitment.
  • Leading a Child to Christ by Bill Emeott
    • This four-page section covers some tips on how you might be able to work with a child to lead them to a decision to follow Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  Very nicely written with practical points.  The author also covers four of the different stages that a child could be in starting around age 5 or seven and older.  Very well done.
  • Reaching Students with the Gospel by Lynn H. Pryor
    • This two-page section focuses on the teenager and college-aged young adults.  It does give some practical points covering how to reach them, knowing that they may be a little more cynical than the younger children.  There are some very good ideas and points in this section.
  • Two Things We Really Must Do (The Importance of Baptism and Communion) by Rick White
    • This six-page section does a very nice job breaking down communion and baptism.  Very nice job on these two topics.
  • The Christian Year and Church Calendar
    • This 2-page section gives a list of the months and days of important events/holidays some of which have some description to them.  Also, it gives the dates for Easter from 2011 to 2052.
  • The Apostles and Their History
    • This is an interesting 2-page section that lists out each of the twelve apostles.  It gives some good background as well, listing their Name, Surname, Parents, Home, what Business they were in, what Writings they contributed to the Bible and also some quick Bible Facts about each of them.
  • 51-page concordance (not including 2 blank pages and title page)
    • I find it interesting the choices used for what words are (or should I say aren’t) in this concordance.  Honestly, with the bleedthrough issue mentioned in the below sections, I would have rather seen the concordance dropped and the cost of that paper being saved utilized toward a better quality paper so the bleedthrough/ghosting wouldn’t be as noticeable.  Just my opinion though.  🙂
    • NOTE: The advertisements show it as a 60-page concordance, however, without using some new kind of math, it looks like it’s actually 51 pages unless you include the blank last page and the introduction page that only has print on one side stating “Concordance” which gets it up to 54 pages
  • 8 additional full-color maps are printed on very nice paper and pretty easy to read except for some of them have pretty small text (see the example map of the Passion Week in Jerusalem below).
Map of the ministry of Jesus around
the Sea of Galilee


Map of the Passion Week in Jerusalem –
Note the small print on some of the
chronological points in the square boxes.



OK, this is the part where I get to tell you about how I like or dislike this bible in a detailed manner.  What I typically try to do is do a quick glance over the entire book at a high level to get a feel for it.  Then I will go in depth in a shorter book such as Philippians so I am comparing the same thing from bible to bible.  That gives my reviews a certain consistency to them.


Ease of Use:

I would say that this bible is very easy to use.  I’m not going to go into the readability of this version vs. that version.  To any bible reader/student, the tools and layout/design of this bible are done nicely thus making the usability very high in my opinion.  It did take me a little bit to get used to the different manner in which the cross-references are handled in this Bible.  Not a long time, mind you  – just a little bit.

Study Tools Helpful & Informative:

  • As I already mentioned, the Prophecies and Fulfillment feature is good, but I don’t feel that they took it as far as they could have.  It would have been better to “finish it off” by adding some kind of tool that easily links the specific prophetic Scripture to the fulfilling Scripture.
  • Glancing through these articles, they are pretty good, most of which are from authors with a Baptist background, so some of the Baptist leaning does come out in many of these articles.
  • Maps are done nicely in color; however, on some of the maps, the font size is very small which would make it hard for some people to read without some kind of magnifying tool.
  • Alternate Translations and cross-references are done nicely once I got used to this slightly different manner of doing them.  If the goal was to keep the margins opened, then they did nicely with that.

Does Commentary Convey Biblical Truth:

From the quick glance through hitting multiple random articles, it does seem to have a pretty solid foundation, but they do have a Baptist leaning in them.  Not saying that’s a bad thing or good thing – just want my readers to know in case that information either persuades or dissuades them.  I think there could have been more items to help minister’s/pastors/leaders that would have been somewhat more beneficial than what was in here, but overall it’s fine.

The Durability of the Bible:

I would say that this appears to be a very durable Bible.  I was pleased to see that the edge of the cover is sewn (see section below) which not only gives it a nice look in my opinion but also gives it some more stability long term.  This Bible is Smyth Sewn (or section sewn), which means it will hold up better than most “perfect bound” or glue back Bibles (similar to general paperback books).  I would easily consider this Bible a “carry around with me” bible for preaching, teaching, studying or reading.

Leather bound cover and spine:

As I have stated in other posts in my blog, I have a personal preference toward leather bound books – especially the finer leathers like cowhide (there are some others that are nicer yet, but much more expensive usually).  The cowhide leather on this Bible has such a nice soft feel to it and it has a very fine texture.  It is much nicer than the typical leather bound books.  The cowhide has a wonderful leather smell, which I like quite a bit. In fact, as I am typing this, I just came back down to my office after getting some coffee and I’ve had this Bible unboxed sitting on my desk.  Walking back into my office, I could smell the wonderful smell of this cowhide Bible 20 feet away!  nice.  🙂  Only the outside of the cover is the cowhide.   I think that the pastedown endpapers (inside of the cover that secures the printed pages to the cover) might be some kind of leather, but I don’t think they are cowhide.  I could be wrong on that – if they aren’t some kind of leather, then they are a very nice synthetic material.  Either case, the pastedown endpapers are not stiff at all and give the cover a very nice feel and flexibility.

Opened just the cover and let it dangle to show the flexibility of it
Not that I would do this all the time – I only
did this once just to take this picture to show
you how flexible this Bible is.

The cowhide cover does have a very nice stitching all the way around it securing it to the end sheets.  This gives the cover a nice durability and longevity that you would come to expect in a Bible of this price.  Nicely done.

Cover stitching on the outside of the cover.


Cover stitching on the inside of the cover.

The spine has the ribbing that is done in the older style of bindings where they secure the spine of the pages together more securely.  Typical with most Bibles produced today, the ribbing is strictly done in the spine of the cover and is not securing the actual pages in any way, so it really is more of an aesthetic look than anything.  With that said, some people like the look and some don’t.  I personally like the looks of it.  The spine also has gilded (see section below explaining gilding) text on it.

Showing the gilding on the spine as well as decorative ribbing

Smyth sewing the individual signatures into the book is the best way currently available to ensure the longevity of the book.  This is one of the many signs of a well-made Bible.

Showing stitches used in the Smyth sewing process

The Gilding of the Pages:

The gilding is the gold or silver foil edging of the pages that you see in many Bibles.  You can’t easily see it by looking at a single page, but with the Bible closed, the edges of all the pages look either gold or silver.  For the cowhide version of this Bible, the gilding is gold colored.

Rounded Corners:

This Bible has the typical rounded corners that you see in the vast majority of leather or “leather-like” Bibles.  Personally, I like the rounded corners from an aesthetic as well as functional purpose.  The Bibles that don’t have rounded edges, in my opinion, tend to get bent or damaged corners more easily than those that have rounded edges.  So, rounding the corners is a way to reduce wear and tear on the pages.  This wear and tear can happen just from the long-term turning of pages, which hopefully happens a lot for you rather than your Bible not getting opened.  🙂
Rounded corner example

Typeface and Print:

  • Scriptures appear to be a 12 point font, which tends to be a little larger than the majority of Bibles.  It makes readability very pleasing to the eye.
  • There is a decent amount of room to write in the outside margins to write in if you desire (just about 3/4″ margin on top and 1″ on face and foot)
Example showing 3-sides of margin
  • Paper used for this Bible is a not as opaque as I would prefer.  You do get quite a bit more bleedthrough than what I like to see.  They could have used better paper so you wouldn’t see nearly the show through that you do on this Bible.  Plus, the left-to-right line matching on the reverse side of the pages is off by about 1/16″, so it makes the bleedthrough/ghosting a little more noticeable. In some cases, you actually can see bleedthrough across multiple pages.  For example, if you look at page 1459 which is 2nd John and the beginning of 3rd John, you can faintly see the “solid star” for the Prophecy/Fulfillment scripture of Revelation 1:5 and 1:7which is on page 1462.  That’s not good, but it doesn’t make this Bible non-readable.  It should simply have been printed on better quality paper.  Yes, that means that it would have been even more expensive to produce which would have been passed on by increasing the consumer’s cost, but worth it in my opinion.
Showing line-matching being off a little


Example showing bleedthrough


Ease of Use:

Reading and studying in Philippians and Is very easy to do with how the publisher laid out this bible.

Study Tools Helpful & Informative:

As I stated before, getting used to how they did cross-references took me a minute or two, but I quickly got used to it.

Does Commentary Convey Biblical Truth:

This does not apply since this is not a Study Bible.


Below, we have the overall ratings that I would give to this particular Bible with a 1 to 10 range.  Keep in mind that when I am doing these ratings, it is based on the physical makeup, format, extra-biblical content and value of the Bible, not rating the Word of God itself as that would be off the chart  🙂

Quality:  9.5 – I would classify this one as very well made.  Not the highest quality Bible that you can get, it is VERY well made. To get a better quality Bible, you would be spending more than $250.
Appearance: 9  – Although I normally like full-color Bibles, those are typically reserved for Study Bibles and not text-only Bibles.  So, this rating will be based on a text-only Bible.  My only complaint about the appearance is the bleed-through that you can see from the reverse side of the pages.  I have seen a few Bibles that have been worse, but I also have seen many others where it wasn’t as bad.  It would have gotten a higher Appearance rating if it wasn’t for that fact.
Value: 9.4 – I personally like leather Bibles that are Smyth sewn better simply because they feel better in the hand to me personally and are typically made better and will last longer.  Since this one is actually cowhide and has a very nice feel to it, I have no issues giving it a high rating.  It is a very flexible bible and the cover stitching around the edge just adds that extra durability.
Innovation: 8.7 – When it comes to text-only Bibles, there usually aren’t many things that can lend the Bible to being called innovative.  However, I will give this one good marks based on one assumption on my part – the way they did the cross-references and alternate translation in line with the text does allow for more clean and larger margins for taking notes.  Since my ratings normally start at 10 and then I deduct for points off, this is kind of a gray area for me to try to rate.  So, I will base it at 10 and then deduct for the points I made earlier about the Prophecies and Fulfillments feature not feeling “completed” and also for the fact that I had to figure out how to use the cross references which should have been included on the Bible Study Helps page.
Other/Wildcard: n/a – There aren’t any real wildcards for this one that stood out to me, so I am marking this section as not applicable and not including it in the rating.

Overall Rating: 9.2 out of 10


Bible Formats and Options:

Here are some of the different formats that this Bible comes in per the publisher.  You can simply Google the ISBN number to find where you can get your desired version;
ISBN: 978-1-5864-0930-2 (Black Genuine Cowhide – This review)
ISBN: 978-1-4336-0078-4 (Black LeatherTouch – much cheaper option, but lower quality cover)

NOTE: I’m not sure if you can get the KJV version any longer or not – but if you like the HCSB version as an alternative, you can get that here:

ISBN: 978-1433600869 (HCSB – Black Genuine Leather)
ISBN: 978-1433600876 (HCSB – Black Imitation Leather – much cheaper option, but lower quality cover)


Company Summary:

In 1993, A.J. Holman Bible Company was acquired by Broadman Press to form B&H Publishers.  Then in 2014, B&H Publishing combined with Lifeway Church Resources.  They are based in Nashville, TN and have roots that go back to 1738.


Please leave a comment or question and I will try to respond a.s.a.p.

– Michael

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    • I totally agree with you. It smells great, feels great and just is a very nice Bible to use. Unfortunately, this particular KJV one is hard to come by now. It’s not on Christianbook.com any longer (at least not at the time of typing this comment). However, if you’re OK with a different version, they make it also in the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) as well. I updated the links toward the bottom of the post to include the HCSB options as well. Since I don’t have one of the HCSB versions of this Bible, I’m not sure if the leather is as nice as the KJV one that I reviewed, though.


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  6. Thank you very much, Jason. I appreciate the kind words. and, yes… it is a very nice Bible 🙂


  7. Jason Hemmer says:

    Very beautiful Bible!


  8. Jason Hemmer says:

    Wow! Very thorough and insightful. I appreciated the detail on every aspect of the book and layout.


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