Worthy Publishing’s Authentic Living devotional review – Rating 8.5

Authentic Living quick devotions for a yearWorthy Publishing contacted me to do a review for them on Richard Exley’s new devotional book titled “Authentic Living”.  This is the first book that I have ever read by this author.  This devotional book is really designed for people who want to do very quick devotions on a daily basis.  These devotions are geared to be completed in about 5 or 10 minutes at the most.  The writing style flows very nicely, although the Continue reading

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B&H Publishing’s Who Moved My Pulpit? book review – rating 9.4

Who Moved My Pulpit? by Thom RainerChange is not an easy thing.  Especially when it comes to making changes in a church environment.  There are many opinions and obstacles (physically, mentally and spiritually) that can and most likely will be encountered.  Thom S. Rainer (President and CEO of Lifeway) wrote the book “Who Moved My Pulpit?” which is subtitled “Leading Change in the Church”.  Mr. Rainer wrote this book in response to an email he received from a pastor who was Continue reading

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B&H Academic’s Engaging Exposition book review – rating 9.8

Engaging ExpositionAs you look across many of my recent posts, it seems have been on a stint of reviewing books related to preaching covering either expository or narrative preaching.  I was very pleased when I was able to get a copy in my hands of the Engaging Exposition book from B&H Academic to do a review on it.  This one is a little unique in that three authors that worked together on this project.  What was written as possibly a textbook for a preaching class, this book is so helpful even for an individual person to learn so much from it.  I would highly Continue reading

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IVP’s Telling God’s Story book review – Rating 8.5

Telling God's Story John W. Wright IVP

I’ve been doing quite a few books on expository preaching, so when I came across this one, I wanted to check it out for a different perspective.  Telling God’s Story is written by John W. Wright and  published by InterVarsity Press.    It is a very challenging book to read from the aspect of putting a twist on how we view the Bible narrative from our culture in North Continue reading

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Zondervan NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible Review – Rating: 9.3

Zondervan NIV, Cultural Backgrounds Study BibleI received an email awhile ago that had information that Zondervan was coming out with a new Cultural Background Study Bible.  Well, that piqued my interest as cultural background was something that was looked at quite a bit in our Inductive Bible Study training course we did at our church.  Then I read who was involved in the project and one of the authors involved, I have a commentary by him that is fantastic!  Craig S. Keener does an excellent job with New Testament cultural background and if the other author (John H. Walton) does similar work in the Old Testament as Dr. Keener does for the New Testament, this new Study Bible has the potential to be extremely Continue reading

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