Rose Publishing Complete Kit on the Last Days of Jesus 6-Session DVD-based Bible Study Review – Rating: X.X

Last Days of Jesus DVD Bible Study-Deeper Connections by Rose PublishingSo far, I am really liking these Deeper Connection Series DVD-based Bible studies from Rose Publishing.  This is the second one that I have reviewed and again, it does not disappoint.  This one is “The Last Days of Jesus DVD-Based Bible Study – Deeper Connection Series” and I wanted to check Continue reading

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Baker Book’s The Stage is Set book review – Rating 9.2

I had a great interest in getting my hands on a copy of “The Stage is Set” by Bryant Wright from Baker Books.  I have read some books on the end times and some reference Israel only because of where many of the events take place in Revelation.  I was greatly encouraged reading this book as it actually covered the Continue reading

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B&H Academic’s Inductive Bible Study book review – rating 9.8

If you have looked through my blog or subscribed to it for a while, you will probably notice that I am very interested in promoting actual studying of the Scriptures rather than only reading them.  It is a way that makes the Scriptures come alive to you and also helps you to truly understand and Continue reading

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Thomas Nelson NKJV Know the Word Study Bible review – Rating: 8.0

Thomas Nelson Know the Word Study BibleI requested an evaluation copy of the Thomas Nelson Hardcover NKJV Know the Word Study Bible through their BookLook Bloggers Program (HarperCollins Publishers) so I could review it. Overall, it’s a nice Study Bible.  They promote 3 ways to use it to Continue reading

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B&H Publishing’s Designed to Lead book review – Rating 9.2

B&H Publishing's Designed to LeadI have read several books on leadership.  Most of them by very well-known speakers on the subject.  However, in a large portion of them, I have felt like it was the business approach to leadership with a smattering of Scriptures thrown in to make it feel “just enough” Christian in application.  When I got my copy of Designed to Lead by B&H Publishing, I was wondering if this would be Continue reading

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