Baker Book’s Quit Church book review – Rating 8.0

Baker Books' Quit Church by Chris Sonsken
I requested a copy of “Quit Church: Because Your Life Would Be Better If You Did” by Chris Sonksen from Baker Books’ BakerBookBloggers program so I could check it out for a review.  The title alone raised my curiosity as I was wondering what this book was all about.  After reading just a little bit into this book, it is clear that the book is geared toward quitting a casual approach and attitude toward the church.

I would give this book an 8.0 out of my normal 10 point rating scale.  On a “5 star” scale that some websites use, I would give it a 4-star rating.

In full disclosure, I was not required or requested by Baker Books to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


I’m a little torn on this one. To me, it felt like the author basically took many topics in the Bible related to church that the church isn’t doing today and instead of explaining why we should do these things, he spun it in a way that we should “quit not doing them” (if that makes sense in a semi-double negative sort of manner). I understand what the author is trying to do, however, I was hoping for a different approach than what was taken when it comes to the reason of why we should “quit not doing” certain things.

There are a few points that I didn’t quite agree with, like how he quotes and uses Jeremiah 29:11 – albeit a very common and loved manner to handle this verse, it is out of context. Plus, he quotes a very well-known pastor from the Houston area who I’m not a big fan of, which feels like he is associating to the prosperity gospel approach in my opinion.

In addition, each chapter ends with a section about how “you win” if you do a certain thing and how “your church wins” if you do it also. For me personally, this felt more like the prosperity gospel approach fo how it’s about us and benefits from God rather than doing something because God has asked or directed us to do it in Scripture. I’m not saying the author is or is not part of that movement, however, with how this was written, it gave me that feeling as I was reading it.

Overall, there are some very good points that the author makes and the book is actually written very well. I really did enjoy the interjection of humor and personal illustrations that the author makes. It was not a hard book to read. I just felt that the motivation that was presented for changing our approach to church was incorrect.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for this review from Baker Books and all opinions are my own.


Type of Book:  Christian Living / Spiritual Growth
Author: Chris Sonksen @chrissonksen
Publisher: Baker Books (Baker Publishing Group)  #BakerBooksBloggers @ReadBakerBooks
Publication Date: June 5, 2018
ISBN-13 of Book Reviewed: 978-0801093241
Price:  At the time of writing this review, the cheapest place to get this book is at  They have it for $10.99– suggested retail from the publisher is $14.99. Please note that these prices do not include any potential shipping charges.

If you would like to purchase this book, please support my blog and purchase by clicking any of the links to on this page like the one below.  Or if you would like to purchase it as an e-book for $9.69, you can click HERE to do that. Or if you prefer an unabridged Audio CD for $9.99, you can click HERE to purchase that.


093243: Quit Church: Because Your Life Would Be Better If You Did Quit Church: Because Your Life Would Be Better If You Did
By Chris Sonksen / Baker BooksHas your faith grown lukewarm? Do you halfheartedly attend worship services? Sonksen calls on you to quit your casual commitment to church! Sharing essential practices for spiritual growth, he helps you let go of a noncommittal approach to belief and embrace God’s abundance as you give, serve, reach the lost, and more. Includes discussion questions and sermon notes. 160 pages, softcover from Baker.


Physical Characteristics:
•160 pages
•Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches

The Goal of the Book:

The authors’ goal is to show his readers how we can quit the current attitudes that many of us have toward church when it comes to relationships, sharing our faith, money and other areas.  I think he did this for the most part, but this almost feels like a pseudo-guilt trip where he takes the “what we should be doing” portion of our faith and turns it around to an easier term of “just quit doing what you shouldn’t be doing”.


Much like I mentioned in my Quick Summary section above, I’m a little torn on this book.  It is an easy read, but to me, it felt just a little off the mark by putting the emphasis on the benefits of what we get out of it rather than the emphasis on doing it simply because God has asked us to and our love of Him and His Spirit teaching us to do these things should drive us to this.


Forward by Dave Ferguson
Just Quit Already
Chapter 1: Quit Expecting to Wake Up in Heaven
Chapter 2: Quit Giving Your Money Away
Chapter 3: Quit Helping Out
Chapter 4: Quit Hoping People Will Come
Chapter 5: Quit Stopping By
Chapter 6: Quit Your Church Friends
Conclusion: It’s Quitting Time

About the Publisher:

From the Publisher’s website:  Baker Books has a vision for building up the body of Christ through books that are relevant, intelligent, and engaging. We publish titles for lay Christians on topics such as discipleship, apologetics, spirituality, relationships, marriage, parenting, and the intersection of Christianity and culture. We also publish books and ministry resources for pastors and church leaders, concentrating on topics such as preaching, worship, pastoral ministries, counseling, biblical reference, and leadership.

#BakerBooksBloggers @ReadBakerBooks


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