Kregel Academic’s Learning Change book – rating 8.8

Learning Change: Congregational Transformation Fueled by Personal RenewalThere are so many books on Christian Leadership, that you could fill a large portion of a public library.  However, the book “Learning Change: Congregational Transformation Fueled by Personal Renewal” took a different approach.  Culminating from multiple years of experience, the authors created a model for change based on many different understandings and discoveries.  This book is deep and borders more on the academic level. I would not necessarily recommend this book to someone wanting to do some light reading on the topic of leadership.  This book is intended for Christian Leaders who are serious about seeing transformation in their lives and in the lives of the people in their church. The authors of this book (Jim Herrington and Trisha Taylor) did an excellent job putting this book together with the help of their colleagues of a community of pastors sharing their experiences.  I would highly encourage anyone in Christian leadership who is serious about change to get a copy of this book in their hands.

I received a copy of this book from Kregel Academic & Ministry for me to do a review on it. In full disclosure, I was not required or requested by Kregel Academic to write a positive review.


I would give this book a 8.8 out of my normal 10 point rating scale.  On a “5 star” scale that some websites use, I would give it a very solid 4.5 star rating.

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There really is a plethora of books on the topic of leadership, most of which focus on how to build teams up, develop other leaders and encourage and admonish others that you lead.  This book is refreshingly different as the approach it takes starts with you as the leader and focuses on personal growth.

Divided into four main parts that first define the key concepts, the authors then move us into the core values of our design, progressing into how we think and then concluding with some excellent tools and ideas that will put us in a position where we can be more effective leaders.  I really appreciate the challenging questions and Going Deeper portions of this book.

This book is very well written, but it really borders more on the academic level vs. something for someone who is a light reader.  Filled with excellent examples and ideas for practical application, this book is an excellent tool to help your personal growth which leads toward congregational transformation.  I would highly encourage anyone in Christian leadership who is serious about change to get a copy of this book in their hands.

I received a copy of this book from Kregel in exchange for my honest review.


Type of Book: Christian Church / Leadership
Publisher: Kregel Academic
Publication Date: May 27, 2017
ISBN-13 of Book Reviewed: 978-0825444555
Price for the Book:  At the time of writing this review, the cheapest place to get this book is from They have it for $13.99 – suggested retail from the publisher is $18.99. Please note that these prices do not include any potential shipping charges.

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5444555: Learning Change: Congregational Transformation Fueled by Personal Renewal Learning Change: Congregational Transformation Fueled by Personal Renewal
By Jim Herrington / Kregel MinistryIn a groundbreaking seven-year experience, Jim Herrington and Trisha Taylor led a cluster of churches in a process of personal and congregational transformation that is producing hope and health. Built on a sound understanding of learning organization theory, adaptive leadership, family systems theory, and recent discoveries in the neurosciences, Herrington and Taylor developed and refined a highly fruitful model of church renewal. This model begins with personal renewal in which congregations learn how to become learning communities and ends with church-wide transformation.Learning Change is the pastor and congregational leaders’ field guide to leading change. Each chapter provides training and information, an aspect of the learning change model, stories of real-life experiences in churches, and questions and suggestions for taking this information into a congregational context.

Physical Characteristics:

Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 8.9 inches
Number of Pages: 272
Author: Jim Herrington & Trisha Taylor

Typeface and Print:

The ease of reading this book was very good. Good printing and opaque paper make this easy to read the text on every page with very little show-through.  Fairly typical paperback book quality.

Ease of Use:

Readability of this book was very good although it is written a little more on the academic level, so some readers may not take to it as quickly.  It has a very nice flow and the authors really explain the topic very well.

Book Contents

PART 1 – The Keys to Real Change
Chapter 1 – Fully Alive: God’s Dream For Us
Chapter 2 – Defining Key Concepts
Chapter 3 – Personal transformation First: What Must Change in You?
PART 2 – Core Values: Reconnecting to Our Intended Design
Chapter 4 – Integrity: Restoring the Design
Chapter 5 – Authenticity: Naked and Not Ashamed
Chapter 6 – Courage: Stepping off the Sidelines
Chapter 7 – Love: Nobody Wins unless Everybody Wins
PART 3 – Mental Models: Shifting the Way We Think
Chapter 8 – Reclaiming Discipleship: From Membership to the Mission Field
Chapter 9 – Responsible for Myself, Responsible to Others: From Fusion to Emotional Maturity
Chapter 10 – The Power to Change: From Status Quo to Creative Tension
Chapter 11 – High Performance Teams: From Completing Tasks to Solving Big Problems
Chapter 12 – Understanding Your Congregation as a System: From Reacting to Systems Thinking
PART 4 – Additional Tools for the Journey: Equipping Ourselves for More Effective Leadership
Chapter 13 – Recognizing the Vows That Block Us: Learning to Respond Thoughtfully
Chapter 14 – Can We Talk? From Discussion to Dialogue
Chapter 15 – From Good Intentions to Measurable Accountability
Conclusion: From a Program-Driven Institution to a Learning Community

Company Summary:

From the publisher’s website:  Kregel, Inc. is composed of three divisions, Kregel Publications, Editorial Portavoz, and the Kregel Parable Bookstore. Each has a unique history.

Sensing a growing need for solidly evangelical works, Kregel Publications began in 1949 to supply resources to meet the spiritual needs of evangelical readers as well as the professional needs of pastors, missionaries, teachers, and Christian leaders. Today Kregel’s backlist has over 900 titles including books on Christian education and ministry, contemporary issues, Christian living, fiction, and biblical studies, in addition to reprints of classic works. Kregel Publications represents Lion Hudson plc of Oxford, England in the North American market as the exclusive distributor of Monarch Books, Lion Fiction and Candle Books and the religious market distributor for Lion Books and Lion Children’s Books.

Established by veteran missionaries to Spain, Harold and Esther Kregel, Editorial Portavoz relocated its publishing program in 1982 to new offices at Kregel, Inc. in Grand Rapids. Today Editorial Portavoz offers a wide selection of over 500 solid, evangelical titles for the spiritual growth and encouragement of Hispanic readers worldwide.

The greater Grand Rapids area is served by the full-service Kregel Parable Christian Bookstore. Located in Grandville on Chicago Dr. near Wilson Avenue SW the store features a full selection of uniquely Christian products including books, Bibles, music, videos, cards, gifts, and ministry resources — all carried in stock every day.

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