Rose Publishing’s Self-Guided Tour of the Bible book review – Rating: 9.6

Rose Publishing's Self Guided Tour of the BibleRose Publishing did it again. Recently, I reviewed their Rose Guide to Discipleship and then I got the opportunity to review their “Self-Guided Tour of the Bible” by Christopher D. Hudson.  This is based on a PDF version of their Self-Guide Tour of the Bible that I received from Rose Publishing for the purposes of doing this review.  Since this is a PDF that I’m reviewing, unfortunately, I cannot give an honest review of the quality of the printing and binding of this item.  So, this review will be based off of the digital content only – which is very nice to say the least.  Excellent book!   And I could easily see it being used in conjunction with Rose Publishing’s  Dicsipleship book as a powerful way to help newer people to the faith to get a better grip on understanding the Bible better.


In full disclosure, I was not required or requested by Rose Publishing to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s
16 CFR, Part 255  <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”



**See all sections below for full detailed review**
Imagine you are in a museum with a bunch of different rooms.  You go from exhibit to exhibit learning and understanding more with each room you venture into.  Well, that’s exactly what Christopher D. Hudson did with Rose Publishing’s “Self-Guided Tour of the Bible”.  Each of these nine “rooms” or sections in this book covers different topics such as an Overview, History, Geography, People, Major Themes and more.  Each section skillfully navigates the reader to a greater understanding of the Bible.  This book will likely be viewed as a book that is geared more toward people who are unfamiliar with the Bible, but at the same time, we often need a reminder of some of the points that are made in this book.  Easy to read and very visual, this book is something I would highly recommend.  I really like how it goes over how to study the Bible as well and includes ideas on how to study the different genres that are used throughout the Bible.  I really appreciate how Rose Publishing allows for copies of individual pages to be made so you can use this in a classroom or small group setting.  To me, that shows me a publisher that wants to share the gospel with the world.  Love it!  I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



Type of Book: Biblical Studies / General
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Author: Christoper D. Hudson
Publication Date: June 1, 2016
ISBN-13 of Book Reviewed: 978-1628623550
Price:  At the time of writing this review, the cheapest place to get this book is at  They have it for $11.99– suggested retail from the publisher is $19.99. Please note that these prices do not include any potential shipping charges.

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623550: Self-Guided Tour of the Bible Self-Guided Tour of the Bible
By Christopher D. Hudson / Rose PublishingNew Bible readers can set their own pace as they embark on a journey of discovering what Scripture is all about! Filled with over 100 colorful pictures, maps, charts, and time lines, this easy-to-use resource features summaries for every book; eight “big picture” themes; 100 profiles of need-to-know Bible characters; and more. 256 pages, softcover from Rose.

Example pages for Rose Publishing's Self Guided Tour of the Bible
Physical Characteristics:

Format: Paperback (my review is the electronic version however)
Pages: 256Example pages for Rose Publishing's Self Guided Tour of the Bible
Dimensions: 6.9 x 0.4 x 9.4 inches
Weight: 15.2 ounces


Goal of Book:

This book was written to help people who look at the Bible and feel intimidated in any way.  Intimidated by not knowing where to start, or by not understanding the different authors that wrote it, or just how to make sense of all these different characters, places and events.  They really did an excellent job doing just that.

My Favorite Part:

Yet again, Rose Publishing continues with impressing me lately.  This book from Rose Publishing has really has a very nice, modern design and layout.  They are really on the right path now with these changes and it really gives their material even more credibility than ever.  The “museum rooms” approach really is done very well with this book and it makes the material just feel more manageable.  In my mind, this book is a must for anyone that works with discipleship.  With all that said, it was really cool reading some details about the Geography and History portion as I was recently on a trip to Israel with my wife and mother-in-law.  This book helped solidify the many sites that we saw and the photos are beautiful for sure.


This book really is written so well that I would highly recommend it to anyone that is uneasy about the Bible in any way, or someone who wants to lead a person or group into a deeper understanding of what the Bible is all about.  I could see this easily being used in a small group setting to help people understand how to study the Bible on their own like we did at our church for our Inductive Bible Study classes.  This book is very thorough, yet explains it on such an easy-to-understand level.  Very well written and beautiful


Introduction: A Self-Guided Tour of God’s Word
Chapter 1: Diving In – A Quick Overview of the Bible
Chapter 2: Getting Your Bearings – Basic Bible Geography
Chapter 3: Grasping the Story – A Time Line of Bible History
Chapter 4: Meeting the Characters – A Who’s Who of Bible People
Chapter 5: Exploring the Content – A Breakdown of Bible Books
Chapter 6: Getting to the Heart of the Bible – Jesus’ Life and Teachings
Chapter 7: Connecting the Dots – Jesus Throughout the Bible
Chapter 8: Peeking Into the Future – Heaven, Hell and Eternity
Chapter 9: Summarizing the Message – Major Themes in the Bible
For Further Reading

Company Summary:

From the publisher’s website:  Rose Bible Reference resources help believers to love God by deepening their understanding of who God is.  Packed with charts, timelines, and simple summaries, Rose products are designed to make the Bible and its teachings easy to understand. Our prayer is that as readers continue to dive into the Word of God their love for the Lord will deepen as they gain understanding.  Rose Publishing is based in Torrance, CA.

NOTE: Rose Publishing recently (February 2017) was purchased by Hendrickson Publishers

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 – Michael

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