Moody Publishers’ Life in Community book review – Rating 9.4

Moody Publishers' Life in Community: Joining Together to Display the Gospel by Dustin Willis.I requested a copy of “Life in Community: Joining Together to Display the Gospel” by Dustin Willis from Moody Publishers because this is  an area that my heart has been in lately.  I feel that the church at large has become less “real” if you will and there is a longing for people to relate to each other in more of a community environment.  This book is written very well and effectively points us away from the individualism that has risen in the church in general and helps to move us more toward living with one another in a close community that shares with each other and serves each other.
I would give this book a 9.4 out of my normal 10 point rating scale.  On a “5 star” scale that some websites use, I would give it a 5 star rating.

In full disclosure, I was not required or requested by Moody Publishers to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Picture your church full of people who helped each other sacrificially – I mean truly sacrificially and not the occasional sacrifice.  Imagine a church that sold things that they had to help each other to provide for those in need.  Imagine true community where nobody lives isolated from others or lives for their own goals.  We read in the Bible of how the early church did just this, yet we are so far from that in our reality.  Dustin Willis wrote this book in a way that doesn’t use all the clichés that we try to throw around and make ourselves sound spiritual.  Packed with excellent illustrations and examples, this book is so practical and down to earth.  Dustin pulls from Scripture what the modern church is desperately in need of.  I would highly recommend this book for any church, small group or individual that is interested in finding out how the church should really be behaving together and also to those we are to reach out to with the Gospel.   I received a copy of this book in exchange for this review from Moody Publishers and all opinions are my own.


Type of Book: Christian Living / Church Life / Community
Author: Dustin Willis @dustinwillis
Publisher: Moody Publishers  @MoodyPublishers
Publication Date: July 16, 2015
ISBN-13 of Book Reviewed: 978-0802413321
Price: At the time of writing this, the cheapest place to get this book is at for $8.99 (suggested retail is $13.99 per the publisher).  Please note that these prices do not include any potential shipping charges and are subject to change at any time.

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413321: Life in Community: Joining Together to Display the Gospel Life in Community: Joining Together to Display the Gospel
By Dustin Willis / Moody PublishersWhat makes a community extraordinary?When people live in community moved by the gospel and marked by the Spirit, great things happen. They commit to one another. They grieve together, sing together, eat, pray, and play together. They love, serve, honor, encourage, and provide for each other gladly. And they live on mission together. Hearts are healed, walls come down, and outsiders come in. No competition. No pretense. No vain conceit. Just full hearts breaking bread and giving freely.It is nothing short of amazing.Most of us live in a shadow of what God intended for us. Life in Community calls us into the light. Reclaiming Scripture’s stunning vision of gospel-centered community, it inspires us to live in love unbounded. Read it, live it, and join the movement: Help unleash the power of extraordinary community.6-Week group study included.

Physical Characteristics:

•192 pages
•Dimensions: 8.5 X 5.5 inches

Goal of Book:

The goal of this book is to call out the Scriptures on how the church should be behaving toward each other as well as toward those that we are reaching out to.  We to often live our lives with an individualistic approach that just promotes loneliness and emptiness and does not represent the Gospel like it should.  The author’s goal is to show how if we live our lives in true community, then we will love, serve, honor, encourage and provide for each other gladly while living on mission together.

My Favorite Part:

The author did an amazing job writing this book which is packed with excellent illustrations and examples.  Plus, there is a 6-week small group study to really seal the deal on this topic.   Very well written!  Well done!


This would be a book that I would recommend for sure.  Yet another excellent resource from Moody Publishers.

Who Would Enjoy This Book:

This book is written well and was an easy read.  Any church, small group or individual will find this book extremely beneficial if they are interested in finding out how the church should really be behaving together and also to those we are to reach out to.


Foreword by David Platt
Chapter 1 – The Need for Community
Chapter 2 – Common Ground
Chapter 3 – Continuously Transformed
Chapter 4 – Your Best at the Table
Chapter 5 – No Masks Allowed
Chapter 6 – Hate Can Be a Good Thing
Chapter 7 – Glue to the Good
Chapter 8 – Love, Like, and Honor
Chapter 9 – Persevering Together
Chapter 10 – Meeting Needs
Chapter 11 – Pursuing Hospitality
Chapter 12 –
 Do Something and Start Now
Appendix: Leader’s Guide: Six-Week Study

About the Publisher:

From the Publisher’s website:  Moody Publishers is a nonprofit Christian publishing house located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Since being founded by D. L. Moody in 1894, Moody Publishers has distributed more than 300 million books, spanning from Bible commentary and reference to spiritual and relational growth, as well as award-winning fiction.
Moody Publishers’ author partnerships include Dr. Gary Chapman, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. John MacArthur, James MacDonald, Erwin Lutzer, the late A. W. Tozer and many more.
All proceeds from Moody Publishers benefit The Moody Bible Institute, which exists to educate and equip students for Christian ministry.   @MoodyPublishers  @DustinWillis


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– Michael

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