Rose Publishing Complete Kit on the Last Days of Jesus 6-Session DVD-based Bible Study Review – Rating: X.X

Last Days of Jesus DVD Bible Study-Deeper Connections by Rose PublishingSo far, I am really liking these Deeper Connection Series DVD-based Bible studies from Rose Publishing.  This is the second one that I have reviewed and again, it does not disappoint.  This one is “The Last Days of Jesus DVD-Based Bible Study – Deeper Connection Series” and I wanted to check it out and do a review so I could let you know how it is put together.  This review will be covering the different items included since this is the complete kit that I am reviewing.  It includes a DVD, a downloadable Leader’s Guide and a printed Participant’s Guide.  The kit is put together very nicely and I’m very happy that Rose Publishing allowed me to check it out so I could do this review.  I received electronic copies of the materials, so I cannot speak to the physical quality of what you get with this kit – only the content.

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**See all sections below for full detailed review**

As I stated in a couple of my previous reviews of other items, I am going to be in Israel in a very short time for a 10-day  tour.  So far, I have loved the Deeper Connections Series DVD-based Bible Studies as they have parts that are filmed on location in Israel.  To see the site locations that pertain to the miracles and where Jesus walked helped dramatically to put Scripture into perspective.  The teaching in the 6 different Bible studies are solid on the last days of Jesus and how we can apply the lessons we learn to our lives is excellent to say the least.  From a content perspective, this is put together very well.   You won’t go wrong with purchasing this excellent Bible study kit.  Here is a great promotional video that they put together for the DVD Bible study:



Type of Item:  Complete Bible Study Kit
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Publication Date: January 1, 2017
ISBN-13 of Item Reviewed: 978-1628624328 (my review covers digital copies of the –materials

Price: At the time of writing this review, the cheapest place to get this book is at  They have it for $14.99– suggested retail from the publisher is $29.99. Please note that these prices do not include any potential shipping charges.

If you would like to purchase this book, please support my page and purchase by clicking any of the links to on this page like the one below.  If you want to get the Participant Guide (separate purchase from the DVD Bible Study) for $4.99 which normally retails for $9.99, Click Here.

624328: The Last Days Of Jesus - DVD The Last Days Of Jesus – DVD
By Rose PublishingFrom Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His glorious resurrection, the Last Days of Jesus DVD Bible study provides a fantastic overview of six major events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection! Each of the six sessions starts out in Israel, showing key locations such as the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount of Olives. Taught by leading scholars and professors who offer excellent overviews along with historical and cultural context, this study will deepen your understanding of key Easter events. The DVD has all of the teaching session which last approximately 30 minutes and a downloadable leader guide.


Items Included in Bible Study Kit:

  • DVD of all six 25-35-minute sessions
  • Leader Guide (digital copy)—Includes flexible lesson planning for either a 60 or 75 minute Bible study.

NOTE: You can separately purchase the Participant guide which does not come with the Bible Study Kit – Participant Guide (printed) with discussion and application questions, key terms and definitions, session outlines for following along and note-taking, and additional material for further learning.  To purchase this separate resource, CLICK HERE.


This Bible Study kit is broken out into 6 separate sessions that are covered in the DVD, Participant Guide and Leader Guide.

Session 1: (From Warrior to Servant (Jesus the Messiah – Matthew 16:13-28) with Dr. Matt Williams

  • Introduction by Margaret Feinberg on site at Caesarea Philippi
  • On site at the Vulture City gold mine outside of Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Matt Williams goes over the Scriptures to show how Jesus was a servant and challenges us to sacrificially take up our cross and follow Jesus by serving others.

Session 2: A Glimpse of Glory (The Transfiguration – Matthew 17:1-9) with Prof. Susan Hecht

  • Introduction by Margaret Feinberg on site at Nazareth
  • On site at the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Professor Susan Hecht speaks on the Transfiguration of Jesus and the glory of the Lord and how we need to keep going and persevere for Him.

Session 3: The Rejected King (The Triumphal Entry – Matthew 21:1-22) with Dr. Mark Strauss

  • Introduction by Margaret Feinberg on site at the Mount of Olives
  • Dr. Mark Stauss is at a ranch while he reviews the Scripture where Jesus announces himself as the Messiah but gets rejected.  Dr. Strauss challenges us that God is calling us to reach a lost world sharing his salvation with others – how will we respond?

Session 4: Love to the Full (The Last Supper – John 13:1-5 and Matt. 26:21-29) with Dr. Scott Duvall

  • Introduction by Margaret Feinberg on site at the Church of St. Peter of Gallicantu (upper Mount Zion)
  • Dr. Scott Duvall is at the Marlsgate cotton plantation just outside of Little Rock, AR as he speaks on the love that Christ showed by the unheard of act of washing their feet as he goes over the culture showing why this was so unique and hard to accept by his disciples.  Jesus asked us to become servants and serve sacrificially and love others in a same manner as he loved us.

Session 5: The Ultimate Victory (The Trial and Death of Jesus – Luke 22:66-71, Luke 23:1-3, Luke 23:32-34 and Luke 23:44-47) with Dr. Darrell Bock

  • Introduction by Margaret Feinberg on site at the Garden of Gethsemane
  • At Dallas, TX, Dr. Darrell Bock speaks on how Jesus went from being very popular to being hated and ultimately crucified and then challenges us to reconnect to God and have a life that is lived out precisely as it was designed to be lived by the One who created us.

Session 6: The Death of Death (The Resurrection of Jesus – Matt. 28:1-10) with Dr. Gary Burge

  • Introduction by Margaret Feinberg on site at the Garden Tomb
  • Dr. Gary Burge is at Forrest Home Cemetery in Chicago, IL where he explains the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how He has died, He has risen, and He will come again.  He challenges us to not just focus on the death of Jesus, but also to look at the resurrection and look to Jesus as He is the resurrection and the life.


One thing that I want to point out is how each of the items included in the kit all have a similar feel in the design and layout making it feel like a very well thought out kit.  Similar to the How We Got the Bible DVD Bible Study Kit and the Miracles of Jesus DVD Bible Study Kit,  this one is equally impressive!  Excellent job on this Bible study, Rose Publishing!

DVD VIDEO (ISBN: 978-1628624328)

As I mentioned previously in this review, it is based all on the digital content and not the physical content.  So, I received electronic video files from Rose Publishing to watch each of the sessions included in the DVD that comes with the kit.  The videos range from around 26 to 36 minutes in length.

The videos are very professionally done and each session has separate sections to them.  Initially, the lesson starts out with an amazing introduction with Margaret Feinberg that is filmed on location in Israel which helps connect the Scriptures on such a personal level.  She really did an excellent job.  I honestly love the approach of doing these videos on-site in Israel for two reasons.  First because I will be taking a trip with my wife and her mother in a little over a week for a 10-day trip to Israel.  I enjoy seeing some of the sites ahead of time. Second, and more importantly, seeing some of the sites where these events took place many years ago really helps us to put Scripture into perspective so we can understand it better and apply it more accurately to our lives.  After the introduction, the video teachings start off with an audio reading of the pertinent Scriptures (from the NIV Audio Bible) and then the lesson from the teacher, and finally, a quick video graphic called “Connecting the Bible to Life” where they direct you to the discussion section within the Participant’s Guide where we review how to apply what we’ve learned.  Some of the videos are broken up during the teaching portion to have discussions throughout the teaching time.Last Days of Jesus DVD Bible Study video pics

LEADER GUIDE (digital copy included with the DVD)

The kit comes with a digital copy of the Leader Guide that you can print out.  It is 33 pages, so it was not a huge burden on my printer..  My review is based on the digital copy that I received from Rose Publishing. Each of the six sessions has very helpful ideas for group leaders on how to prepare, setup and conduct the Bible study meetings, Tips for preparation for before the meeting, how to open the session, and so much more.  Clear instructions are vital in my opinion and Rose did a very nice job accomplishing just that. The leader/facilitator should have no issues running a Bible study using the DVD and this leader guide as they walk you through the study step-by-step as a leader.

PARTICIPANT GUIDE (ISBN: 978-1628624335)

As a separate purchase from the DVD Bible Study Kit, you can get a physical copy of the 149 page Participant Guide.  My review, however, is based on the digital copy that I received from Rose Publishing.  I really do appreciate the design efforts that are used in this Participant Guide.  It really has an excellent use of maps, call-out boxes, quotes, space for writing your thoughts, ideas and notes..  Not just in the content for the actual meeting and viewing of the particular DVD session, but the fact that they included 5 days of personal reflection that ties into the Bible study to do during the days between the session meetings that help support the sessions.  It ties in perfectly with this DVD Bible Study Kit, so I would highly recommend you get one (or however many you need for your Bible study group).  Very nicely done!



OK, this is the part where I get to tell you about how I like or dislike this Bible Study Kit in a detailed manner.


Ease of Use:

This Bible Study is put together very well.  Each of the resources that I was able to review really tie in so well with each other.  As always (in my experience), Rose Publishing really did a great job putting together this Bible study on the miracles of Jesus and how we can apply the lessons to our lives.  This is yet another example of how Rose Publishing is using great editing, design and content to create a complete package.  Just keep in mind that the Participant Guide is a separate purchase.



Below, we have the overall ratings that I would give to this particular Bible Study kit with a 1 to 10 range.

Quality:  N/A  – Typically when I rate Bibles and books, this Quality section is based on the physical quality and/or durability of the physical copy.  Since I cannot attest to this due to reviewing PDF and video files, I am actually going to leave this one as “n/a” or Not Applicable.  Once I end up with a hard copy in my hands, I will update this rating accordingly.  For now, I will not factor it into my overall final rating, but if we were to talk about content and quality of the video portion, I would rate it pretty high (mid 9’s).
Appearance: 9.2 – Overall, the appearance and design of the content is very good and has an excellent flow to it.  The videos are edited very nicely and the content is excellent!  The “print” materials are nicely designed and have a similar feel and approach.  Nicely done.
Value: 9.6 – I wish I had the physical copy of this book so I could more accurately represent this rating.  So, with that said, I am going to base this strictly on content and not physical properties.  As for the content alone, I would rate this very high.  Rose really did a great job on this Bible study kit and it is well worth the money. While I wish the kit came with a copy of the Participant’s Guide, I do understand why it is a separate purchase – if you’re doing this in a group setting, you will need more than one copy anyway.
Innovation: 9.5  – Just like the other Deeper Connections series Bible studies, the integration in these videos of starting out in Israel for the introduction and then the 3 teaching lessons, ultimately ending up with application, in my mind is outstanding.  The flow of this approach really helps the viewer to solidify the Word of the Lord in our minds and in our hearts.  Excellent concept, Rose!.
Other/Wildcard: N/A – No real wildcards to speak of.

Overall Rating: 9.4 out of 10


Company Summary:

From the publisher’s website:  Rose Bible Reference resources help believers to love God by deepening their understanding of who God is.  Packed with charts, time lines, and simple summaries, Rose products are designed to make the Bible and its teachings easy to understand. Our prayer is that as readers continue to dive into the Word of God their love for the Lord will deepen as they gain understanding.  Rose Publishing is based in Torrance, CA.

Please leave a comment or question and I will try to respond a.s.a.p.

– Michael

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