How We Got the Bible handbook- 2016 Award Winner and review – Rating 9.7

Rose Publishing's Award Winning "How We Go the Bible" handbook by Timothy Paul Jones, PhD

Rose Publishing’s Award Winning “How We Got the Bible” handbook by Timothy Paul Jones, PhD

It honestly gives me a great feeling to know that one of the items that I reviewed and gave a high rating for was not only nominated for an award, but actually won the 2016 Christian Book Award for Best Bible Reference.  In this case, it was for the Handbook that went with the “Rose Publishing Complete Kit For How We Got The Bible 6-Session DVD-based Bible Study“.  You can see that review here.

About the Award It Won:

This particular 2016 Best Bible Reference Award is from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA). You can check out their website here.

Winner of the ECPA 2016 Best Bible Reference Award

Winner of the ECPA 2016 Best Bible Reference Award

The Christian Book Award® program recognizes the highest quality in Christian books

and Bibles and is among the oldest and most prestigious awards program in the religious publishing industry. Finalists are selected in seven categories: Bibles, Fiction, Children, Inspiration, Bible Reference, Non-Fiction and New Author.

The industry gathered on May 3 in Nashville to celebrate the year’s best in Christian publishing, announcing the Christian Book Award® winners and featuring radio host and author Chris Fabry.


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**See all sections below for full detailed review**

How will you answer when someone asks you why you believe the Bible to be the true Word of God?  When they tell you that it was written by man, or not reliable as God’s true Word, will you be able to give an answer to them explaining why you believe the Bible to be inerrant and infallible?  Dr. Timothy Paul Jones does a fantastic job helping you gain a true understanding of why we can trust the Word of God as we have it today.  The “How We Got the Bible” handbook will really help you or a small group really understand how we got the Bible and why it is reliable.  The How We Got the Bible handbook is really designed extremely well.  The contents of the handbook are all pretty well covered in the DVD material of the How We Got the Bible Study Kit that I previously reviewed, however there is extra material in this handbook that is not necessarily covered as in-depth in the DVD kit.  There are some wonderful charts and side notes throughout the handbook to give you great visuals to help you understand what the author is getting at in this Bible Study Kit.  This handbook really does stand on its own as an amazing tool to understanding how we got our Bible.  Rose Publishing and Timothy Paul Jones really did an amazing job and have provided us with a fantastic tool to equip believers to really have the foundation of why we can trust the Bible as the true Word of God.  Very highly recommended to anyone that wants to understand and be able to give an answer to questions about the history of the Bible that we read today!  I received a free electronic copy of the handbook from Rose Publishing in return for my honest and unbiased review.


Type of Book: Bible Reference
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Publisher Product Code: 4067DD
Publication Date: July 16, 2015
ISBN-13 of Book Reviewed: 978-1628622164
Price: At the time of writing this review, the cheapest place to get the How We Got the Bible handbook from is They have it for $10.99 – suggested retail from the publisher is $14.99. See below for a breakout and links to the different prices from some major re-sellers. Please note that these prices do not include any potential shipping charges.

Christianbook ($10.99)
Amazon ($14.99)
Rose Publishing (14.99)
Family Christian Bookstore ($14.99)


OK, this is the part where I get to tell you about how I like or dislike this book in a detailed manner.

Ease of Use:

This handbook is laid out and designed very nicely. Timothy Paul Jones did an excellent job going over all the points of how we got our Bible and why we can trust it as the Word of God.  The flow of the material makes for an easy reading experience while at the same time arming you with an understanding of the very Book that we hold dear.


Chapter 1: What’s So Special about the Bible?
How We Got the Old Testament
Chapter 2: How Did the Old Testament Get from God to You?
Chapter 3: Which Books Belong in the Old Testament?
How We Got the New Testament
Chapter 4: Can We Trust the New Testament?
Chapter 5: Who Created the New Testament Canon?
How the Bible made It from Manuscripts to You
Chapter 6: how Was the New Testament Copied?
Chapter 7: Where Did the English Bible Come From?

Here are just a couple of pictures showing the nice design layout for the book:

How We Got the Bible - How Hebrew writing changes over time - on page 39

How We Got the Bible – How Hebrew writing changes over time – on page 39

How We Got the Bible and the how books/letters were determined to be included in the New Testament

How We Got the Bible – How books/letters were determined to be included in the New Testament on page 95


Below, we have the overall ratings that I would give to this particular Bible reference handbook with a 1 to 10 range.

Quality:  N/A  – Typically when I rate Bibles and books, this Quality section is based on the physical quality and/or durability of the physical copy.  Since I cannot attest to this due to reviewing a PDF file, I am actually going to leave this one as “n/a” or Not Applicable.  Once I end up with a hard copy in my hands, I will update this rating accordingly.  For now, I will not factor it into my overall final rating.
Appearance: 9.7 Overall, the appearance and design of the content within this handbook is very good.  Very well done.
Value: 9.8 I wish I had the physical copy of this book so I could more accurately represent this rating.  So, with that said, I am going to base this strictly on content and not physical properties.  As for the content alone, I would rate this very high.
Innovation: 9.6  – Rarely do I give Innovation points to content, but in reality, how this book is laid out and the content and material covered, I am going to rate it very high..
Other/Wildcard: 9.6 I’m going to leave the wildcard rated high simply because of the fact that Rose Publishing and Timothy Paul Jones not only created a very high quality handbook, they also put together a whole learning kit (see my review here) that includes the handbook in this review, DVDs, Study Guide, Leader Guide and many other fantastic resources.  I have to give them kudos on doing their due diligence and going the extra mile to really put out such a fantastic resource. – did I mention that this handbook also got awarded the 2106 Best Bible Reference Book award by the ECPA?  🙂  Congrats to Rose Publishing and Dr. Jones  – your efforts do not go unnoticed.  🙂

Overall Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Company Summary:

From the publisher’s website:  Rose Bible Reference resources help believers to love God by deepening their understanding of who God is.  Packed with charts, time lines, and simple summaries, Rose products are designed to make the Bible and its teachings easy to understand. Our prayer is that as readers continue to dive into the Word of God their love for the Lord will deepen as they gain understanding.  Rose Publishing is based in Torrance, CA.



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– Michael

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