Rose Publishing’s What the Bible Says about Fasting pamphlet Review – Rating: 9.6

I’ve been curious about checking out some of Rose Publishing’s renowned pamphlets, and they have graciously given me the privilege of doing a review of their “What the Bible Says about Fasting” pamphlet. This review is based off of a PDF version of their pamphlet that I received from Rose Publishing for the purposes of doing this review.  Since this is a PDF that I’m reviewing, unfortunately, I cannot give an honest review of the quality of the printing of this item.  So, this review will be based off of the digital content only.

If I get my hands on a physical copy, I will then do an updated review an include information of how well it is made and how it physically looks.

In full disclosure, I was not required or requested by Rose Publishing to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s

16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”




**See all sections below for full detailed review**

For some reason, fasting is not a topic that comes up in many churches.  Sadly, many Christians today – especially newer ones – may not understand what fasting is let alone the purpose of it.  This pamphlet that Rose Publishing put together is a fantastic quick reference that puts some focus back on fasting.  They really did a very nice job in 14 pages of covering what fasting is, why we should do it, different types of fasts and also how to do it.  A very good quick resource that any believer will find invaluable if they are interested in fasting from a Biblical perspective.  Yet another thumbs up resource from Rose Publishing!  I received a digital copy of this resource from Rose Publishing in return for my completely honest opinion in this review.


Type of Resource: Reference Pamphlet
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Publication Date: January 28, 2016
ISBN-13 of Book Reviewed: 9781628623185
Price: At the time of writing this, you can get this book new from for $3.99 (suggested retail is the same per the publisher)

Physical Characteristics:
Note: This physical characteristics section is per the Amazon website – I cannot confirm since I’m reviewing a PDF of the book
Approximate weight: 12.6 ounces (not sure about that – seems a tad heavier than what I would expect)
Size: 8.4″ x 5.4″ x 0.3″
Number of Pages: 14

Example of folding pamphlet from Rose Publishing

Example pages – very nicely laid out

Typeface and Print:

I would say that the ease of reading this was very good.  Although without the printed copy in hand (vs. a PDF file), I can’t say for sure if the type is easy to read from a size perspective. However from a layout perspective, it is very nicely done.


On the publishers website for this product (click here), there are some discussion questions that they came up with that would really provide a very good discussion in a small group setting if you had this pamphlet.

Discussion Questions for What the Bible Says About Fasting Bible Study Pamphlet

  1. Read panel 1. Is fasting a mandatory part of the Christian faith? What does Jesus imply about fasting and does fasting seem important?
  2. Read panels 2-3. List some of the benefits of fasting. Which of these appeals to you in this season of your life and why?
  3. Read panels 4-6. You just read about Esther, Jesus, and Daniel and the fasts they did. What were their motivations for fasting? What are some things in your life that could use prayer and fasting?
  4. Read panel 7 (The Wrong King of Fast). Why must we pay attention to our motivations for fasting? What’s wrong with fasting for blessings or fasting to prove your spirituality?
  5. Read panel 8. What additional benefit does prayer bring to the practice of fasting? For a person that prays regularly, why would fasting be an added advantage?
  6. Read panels 9-11. Take a moment to be quiet in prayer. Surrender your life to the leading of the Lord and ask him if he’s calling you to pray and fast for a situation in your life or the life of another. Is there a specific fast that he’s calling you to?
  7. Read panel 12-13. The chart lists a variation of fasts mentioned in the Bible as well as the motivations and God’s responses. Was there anything that stood out or surprised you and why?



OK, this is the part where I get to tell you about how I like or dislike this resource in a detailed manner.

Ease of Use:

This pamphlet is very easy to read and use and has such a wealth of information in it to help you in your Bible studying and Christian walk.

Study Tools Helpful & Informative:

Granted, this is only a 14-page folding pamphlet, however the information in here is extremely helpful at a high level.  You have to keep in mind that this is not an extensive study on the subject of fasting, but rather a wonderful overview of what fasting is about from a Biblical perspective.  It nicely covers the fact that the fasting is more about our reliance on God rather than simply denying ourselves something in our lives for a specified duration of time.  It doesn’t cover every single Biblical mention of fasting, but does give some excellent examples.

Durability of Book:

I cannot speak to this as I did not receive a physical copy.  Not sure if you can say a digital PDF is either “durable” or not. lol


Below, we have the overall ratings that I would give to this particular resource with a 1 to 10 range.

Quality:  n/a  – Typically when I rate Bibles and books, this Quality section is based on the physical quality and/or durability of the physical copy.  Since I cannot attest to this due to reviewing a PDF file, I am actually going to leave this one as “n/a” or Not Applicable.  Once I end up with a hard copy in my hands, I will update this rating accordingly.  For now, I will not factor it into my overall final rating.
Appearance: 9.3 Overall, this is done very nicely.  Readability is very nice and the content is very good.
Value: 9.9 I am going to base this strictly on content and not physical properties since I have a digital copy.  As for the content alone, I would rate this very high as a quick summary of the subject of fasting.  Rose Publishing did very well for only a 14 page pamphlet.
Innovation: n/a  – Nothing particularly innovative from my perspective so I won’t use this as an adjustment factor.
Other/Wildcard: 9.7 I do like how they laid out 17 key examples of fasting in the Bible in an easy to read, single page chart.  This is very handy for when you want to do a deeper dive into fasting and the purpose, method (in some cases) and outcomes of these examples.  Nicely done chart.

Overall Rating: 9.6 out of 10


Company Summary:

From the publisher’s website:  Rose Bible Reference resources help believers to love God by deepening their understanding of who God is.  Packed with charts, timelines, and simple summaries, Rose products are designed to make the Bible and its teachings easy to understand. Our prayer is that as readers continue to dive into the Word of God their love for the Lord will deepen as they gain understanding.  Rose Publishing is based in Torrance, CA.


Please leave a comment or question and I will try to respond a.s.a.p.

– Michael

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