And Your Preferences Are?……..

So, this probably isn’t my normal post that I do related to Bible and book reviews.  About two weeks ago, I went to my main work office near Chicago and was chatting with one of my coworkers.  He is a believer and he has read my blog for a little while now.  As we were talking about different topics, one interesting topic came up.  The topic of “one or two”….  It was a curious question that I asked my coworker and in context, I was referencing what his preference was for his Bibles.  Does he prefer one column Bibles or two column Bibles?  I explained that I had a preference depending on what I am doing and his preferences actually lined up with mine. I was a little surprised.  Especially when we continued talking and we realized that neither of us really knew the exact reasons for our preferences, however it just felt natural to us.

So here is what our preferences were:

Single Column Text Example

One Column:  for when general reading of the Scriptures, we prefer using a Bible that is a single column text (see example pictures below).  Not that I can’t read from two column text Bibles – it’s just that my preference for some reason is single column when I am reading Scriptures.  Is it because, similar to reading a novel/story, it is in that paragraph format/layout that I am used to?  Not exactly sure…


Double Column
Text Example

Two/Double Column: for when studying the Scriptures, we prefer using a Bible that is two columns (see example pictures below).  This one stumped me as to the preference that we had.

Response Requested:

So I am very curious to hear back from my readers – what kind of layout do you prefer to use?  Do you have different preferences for what you use depending on what you are doing similar to my coworker and myself?

Please comment and let’s see what everyone has for preferences!  Looking forward to hearing from each of you!

– Michael

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