Inductive Bible Study Training Class week 9 of 10

This is the ninth week of the ten week Inductive Bible Study Training Class that I conducted at our church (  These videos were recorded from the first session of these classes starting back in January of 2015.  In this class, we dive pretty heavy into the final phase of the Inductive Bible Study method – Application.  This should be our goal because when we apply God’s Word to our lives, we will be transformed into His image more and more.


Topics Covered for Week 9:


  • Training session review
  • Homework review
  • Why we should be applying the Word of God to our lives
  • How to apply the Word of God
  • How to go forward – where do I start?



Homework Assignment for Week 9:

Find 2 or 3 verses in Philippians and share the truth of what is said in scripture and also a practical way explaining how we could apply that truth to our lives. You have to share this with the class from the application perspective (call to obedience, challenge to our faith, etc.).  NOTE: This exercise should not be a generic application (like, “I need to try to do better”), but rather a very specific application (like, “I need to rejoice in trials more by doing XYZ” and list out specific ideas of what “XYZ” means).0

Resources for Week 9:

Please leave a comment or question and I will try to respond a.s.a.p.
– Michael

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