Inductive Bible Study Training Class week 8 of 10

This is the eighth week of the ten week Inductive Bible Study Training Class that I conducted at our church (  These videos were recorded from the first session of these classes starting back in January of 2015.  In this class, we cover how to use some of the external resources (like dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances, and other online tools) to help in the Interpretation phase as well as an introduction to the Application phase.

NOTE: Sorry the video portion of the first portion showing the monitor screen is slightly out of focus.


Topics Covered for Week 8:


  • Training session review
  • Homework review
  • Tools (online and physical)
  • Introduction to the Application step



Homework Assignment for Week 8:

Using some of the online resources, select any chapter in Philippians and do your resource work on that site.  First read the text, then use the online tools such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances, etc.) and find out everything you can to help you interpret Scripture.  If you don’t have internet access, you can use your local library or church library or maybe borrow some physical books from someone in your church.


Resources for Week 8:

  1. Appendix 2: Pastor Xavier Ries’ Inductive Bible Study Method (you can get it from Calvary Chapel of Pasadena’s website):

Please leave a comment or question and I will try to respond a.s.a.p.
– Michael

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