Inductive Bible Study Training Class week 6 of 10

This is the sixth week of the ten week Inductive Bible Study Training Class that I conducted at our church (  These videos were recorded from the first session of these classes starting back in January of 2015.  In this class, we go over Word Studies using Bible Dictionaries to help us understand and interpret scriptures better and then we dive into the process of using a “Chart” to keep track of where you are with your Inductive study.


Topics Covered for Week 6:


  • Training session review
  • Homework review
  • Word Studies
  • Charting



Homework Assignment for Week 6:

For Philippians chapter 3, come up with a chart/worksheet and put on the chart the categories (observations, themes, outline, key words/word studies, key theological themes and parallel passages), up to and including the point of parallel passages.  You can do this on paper, on a computer or whatever method works best for you.  In week 7, we will actually be looking over each others charts so we can learn from each other as to what may possibly work better for each of us.

Resources for Week 6:

  1. Appendix 2: Pastor Xavier Ries’ Inductive Bible Study Method (you can get it from Calvary Chapel of Pasadena’s website):

Please leave a comment or question and I will try to respond a.s.a.p.
– Michael

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