Inductive Bible Study Training – Creating the Training Manuals

Sometimes when we hear the word “process” we tend to go into a slight panic.  We immediately think of something that will be grueling and take a lot of effort and patience.  You may recall from my previous post entitled “Inductive Bible Training – God Leading Me“, I mentioned that I sensed God telling me that I should teach the people at my church how to study their bibles on their own using the Inductive Bible Study method.  So, my first thought was to try and figure out what book that I could teach out of to show people how to do the Inductive Bible Study method.  Quickly, the response I heard God say was “No, not that way”.  He then impressed upon me that I should work on creating training folders and manuals for this training for the people in my church.

The concept of doing my own manuals for this class was daunting needless to say.  Where to start?  How to start? When to start?  Well, I had already started taking some notes on one or two of the videos that Pastor Ron Jones did from Faith at Sellersville baptist church in the Philly area.  So, I started going through taking copious notes across all 10 of those hour long videos.  I tend to be very detailed when it comes to notes and write ups and things of that nature.  It’s probably my professional life coming through in some way.  Through some communications, Pastor Ron graciously cleared up a couple questions that I had about his videos.  He also said I was free to use any of his material for my training class.

So I was keeping my notes from Pastor Ron’s videos in a program called OneNote by Microsoft (I did the free OneNote Online version).  I also used some additional online resources for concepts and ideas.  For example I used two Kay Arthur books.  One was the “Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days” and then the other one was her “How to Study Your Bible” which is more detailed.  I will most likely be doing a review of these two books in the near future.

So, I started by organizing all of my notes from the resources and came up with what would end up being my “Leader’s Guide” for the training class.  It ended up being pretty lengthy.  So I decided to make a shorter version for the “Student Copy” which doesn’t have all of the details, but allows people to take notes.  I also included some appendix material with some helpful hints and things either I came up with or found online.

We also decided to do actual 1″ binders with the manual inside as well as tools for the inductive method including colored pencils and highlighters that I tested for bleed through on typical bible pages.  The process of all of this took quite some time.  In fact, from the note taking of Pastor Ron’s videos to the final training manuals, it was about 3 months of work.

So the next step was to check with the congregation to find out when would be the best time to do these training classes.  So we I explained the classes to the congregation… That the classes were not a bible study, but rather an actual training class on how to study your bible.  The response was very good, however, when looking at all the results, I determined that I needed to do 3 separate sessions to allow for everyone’s schedule.  So we did a Wednesday night class starting in early January 2015, then we just finished our 2nd session which was on Sunday nights.  Our 3rd session will be starting up in late July on Friday nights.

The turn out so far has been pretty good – the first class had about 12 participants and the 2nd one had about 3 participants.  I think we will have about 7 or 8 in the 3rd session.  In the first session, I actually recorded the training classes so anyone that had to miss one of the training classes could stay caught up.

Over the upcoming weeks, I will be doing a post showing the material I came up with with links to where some of the appendices came from.  I will also be doing posts for each of the 10 weeks of training classes that we did from the first session.

UPDATE: You can see the classes and some of the handout materials by clicking HERE.

My hopes are that reading this, you will get something out of it that will help you in growing closer to God by possibly learning a way to study His Word and ultimately apply it to your life and become transformed into the image of Christ.
Please leave a comment or question and I will try to respond a.s.a.p.

– Michael

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