Tyndale Chronological Life Application Study Bible: Initial Review

So, I just got a new bible last week.  I have not looked at a chronological bible before.  Then I came across the one that I purchased (Chronological Life Application Study Bible).  I actually was searching for a bible to get a new believer (friend of the family) since she didn’t have one of her own. In my search for her bible, I came across this one.  I looked at Amazon’s website to do their “look inside” feature to see what it looked like.  I immediately fell in love with how it physically looked.

I have been in the printing industry since 1988 and this is the first time that I have come across a bible that was actually full color.  Usually they are just black text and maps/charts on a thin semi-white paper with at most the words of Christ in red.  This one was different – it had a  little higher grade of paper (more white than what i have seen before) and beautiful color images, maps and charts, etc.

Then I started to read about how it was chronological – arranged in the order of how scholars feel the bible was actually written.  It also shows a timeline showing the years that the books covered as well as showing in the timeline things that happened historically at the same time from a secular perspective.  To me, it put the bible in a whole new light.

I ended up getting the NLT version – it’s published by Tyndale and comes in NLT and KJV only. Here is a website that shows the information about this bible and even has a PDF that you can download and see a sampling of the pages (http://webminis.tyndale.com/chronologicallifeapplication/wp-content/themes/chronologicallifeapplication/clasb.pdf).  I opted for the more expensive leather-like version instead of the hard bound version.  I sent an email to Tyndale to confirm that the leather-like version had good color like the hardbound version.  They responded that it did and I can confirm they were correct.  It is a very beautiful bible.

Please check out their website – there is a long list of tools that this bible has such as the Life Application notes, A Christian Worker’s Resource, multiple indexes, basic dictionary/concordance, bible timelines, book-by-book overview and many others.

Important Note about Chronological bibles:   Please keep in mind that the whole purpose to chronological bibles is so the reader can read through the bible more in the sequence of what bible scholars feel it was written.  It is a great study tool, but not always 100% useful if someone asks you to read the first 4 chapters of Mark for example. Because the timeline of the 4 gospels happened at the same time, so you will read some of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the same story sections.  Think of it this way – Moses was the one that wrote Psalm 90, so in the chronological bible, Psalm 90 is actually placed in the area of the story of Moses rather than later in the Psalms.  Very unique way to read it and get an idea of what was going on at the time in history.  The bible does have a guide at the beginning so you can look up certain books and find what pages the different sections might be on in this bible, which can be handy.

As an FYI – I got this bible from CBD (www.christianbook.com) for a little over $50.

Below, we have the overall ratings that I would give to this particular bible with a 1 to 10 range.  Keep in mind that when I am rating the Value, of course I know this is the Word of God
Quality:  8 (seems to be good quality)
Appearance: 10 (this is quite possibly the most beautiful bible I have seen so far with the full color and tools)
Value: 8 (pretty much stays in the standard price range for a study bible.  I am rating this value a little higher simply because of the beauty of this bible compared to the price)
Innovation: 8 the full color pages seem to make it much easier to read and use this bible.

Overall Rating: 8.5

ISBN: 978-1-4143 3927-6 (Harcover)
ISBN: 978-1-4143 3928-3 (LeatherLike Brown/Tan) *this is the one I have
ISBN: 978-1-4143 3929-0 (LeatherLike Brown/Green/Dark Teal)


– michael


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