Inductive Bible Study Method Introduction

Ok, so I have been intrigued about studying the bible lately… studying – not just reading… how do you do that?  What does it mean to “Study the Bible”?  It seemed to me that studying the bible meant much more than just reading it.  To me, studying is something that you have to be disciplined to do.  Plus, what exactly does scripture mean when you read in 2 Timothy 2:15 where it instructs us to “study and show ourselves approved”?  What exactly does this mean?

I did a search for bible study methods and came across the Inductive Bible Study method (precept ministries).  I’m a process person through and through.  To have a methodology that is a disciplined process really appeals to me, so I started looking for information on this method.  I came across some great YouTube videos from a Baptist church where they recorded a 10 week class on the inductive bible study method.  It is very helpful and I will need to go back and review some of the videos and take notes so I can start.  in this class on the video, they covered the book of Philippians.  I think to start, I will do the same

I can’t wait to get started on this.  I think that I will keep my notes in a Google Spreadsheet so I can reference it.  I will also try to keep a log of my findings and thoughts as I progress through this process.

…. more to come  🙂

I mentioned on YouTube, there are some great videos on how to do this inductive bible study.  Here are some of the links
Inductive Bible Study – Week 1:
10 total videos through week 10

Then, they have a 2nd part series of 4 videos that recaps the methodology again:
Inductive Bible Study Part 2 – Week 1:

– michael

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